Alvaro Alcázar

Born in Madrid in 1967, Alvaro Alcazar grows influenced by the artistic and cultural environment that always surrounded his family and especially by the figure of his mother, the prestigious gallery Carmen Gamarra. He finished his university carreer of business in Boston. Shortly after his return to Spain, he started working with his mother in various projects.

1996 - 1997   Carmen Gamarra Gallery

1997- 2007    Metta Gallery

Project started as an assistant including the creation of a new space on the street Villanueva. In 2002 on the 15th day of the inauguration and after the unexpected death of Carmen Gamarra for the world of Art, Alvaro became director of the gallery which runs until 2007.

2007    Alvaro Alcázar Gallery

In this year is when his personal project begins and in which he developes his activity and brings his experience to Contemporary Art. The gallery was founded with the goal of being the exhibition space and platform to promote established and emerging, national and international artists, but always applying quality as selection criteria.

International presence

During his career as a gallery owner has always participated in international trade fairs. In addition to its continued presence in ARCO, Alvaro Alcazar usually go to major international exhibitions in Europe, America and Asia as Art Paris, Next Chicago Art Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi Art, Art Miami, Art Lisbon or Pinta New York. 
"Spain has enormous creative potential and should be much more active on the international scene."

Contemporary Art in Spain

"Spain is going through a difficult time. Lethal measures such as VAT to 21% to buyers, make Spanish  Contemporary Art. less competitive with other countries." "A Patronage Law would be necessary to make the Art market an industry as it happens in other countries like UK."


"In Contemporary Art, as in any other time, there is beauty and ugliness. The quality of a picture resides in the emotions and tension that transmits"

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